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Александр Черепанов

Web-разработчик, интересующийся новыми знаниями.

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Using Tomcat for Web Development

In this video we will talk about: Installing Apache Tomcat on Mac OS X; Deploying and Undeploying Applications in Tomcat; Debugging Tomcat from IntelliJ IDEA.

Основы использования Maven

В видео рассматривается установка Maven на Mac OS X с помощью пакетного менеджера Homebrew, создание простого проекта в IntelliJ IDEA и использование Maven в IntelliJ IDEA для компиляции проекта.

How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 on Mac OS X

In this post I’ll describe all that I knew while rooting my Android device. There are many tutorials in Internet, but some of that use old software, another doesn’t answer to errors and doesn’t describe what you really do. I like use latest versions of applications, so in this tutorial latest apps are used. Also some errors, which I met, are described. And obviously this tutorial is made for Mac OS X. Let’s get started.