About this blog

Hi, I’m Alexandr. Welcome to my blog. Primarily I learn software development and use such programming languages as Java, C#, PHP. And I think there’s no ideal programming language. All of them have strong and weak sides.

Another my interest is lying in administration sphere, especially administering Linux systems. I’m not a professional administrator, but in this blog I will publish solutions to problems I meet in practice. To solve some problem usually solution is combined from different resources, and after time you don’t remember what you did last time. So this blog mostly will contain short hints and step by step tutorials in using Linux, Mac OS X and, of course, Windows.

My primary OS now is Mac OS X, which I use for almost all programming purposes. I mostly run Windows and Linux in virtual machine. But I also think every OS has power features and weaknesses. In particular applications each of this OSes is more powerful. Additionally I’ll put some posts about Android, since I use Android device.

Also I’m just learning English and to improve it this blog will be in English.

I’ll be glad if my notes help anyone.