Basic Configuration and Usage of IntelliJ IDEA

2 minute read

Basic shotcuts for comfortable work in IntelliJ IDEA

Shortcut New Shortcut Command name
⇧⌘O ⌘P Navigate → File…
⌘F12 ⌘R Navigate → File Structure
⌘E   View → Recent Files
⌘⌘   View → Tool Buttons
⌃⇥   Switcher
⇧⎋   Hide Active Tool Window
⇧⇧   Search Everywhere
⇧⌘A   Find Action…
⌘↑   Navigate → Jump to Navigation Bar
⌘N   New File… or Generate Code…
⌥⇧ Button1 Click   Add or Remove Caret
⌃G ⌘D Add Selection for Next Occurrence
  ⌃V Split Vertically
  ⌃H Split Horizontally
⌘W   Close Tab
⌘,   Open Preferences…
⌘;   Project Structure…
⌥⏎   Show Intention Actions
⇧⌘D   Search in Dash (need Dash plugin)

⇧ - Shift
⌃ - Control
⌥ - Option
⌘ - Command
⏎ - Return or Enter
⇥ - Tab
⎋ - Escape


Some plugins for IntelliJ IDEA that you may like:

  • .ignore is a plugin for .gitignore (GIT), .hgignore (Mercurial), and many other files in your project.

  • Markdown adds syntax highlighting and preview for markdown files (*.md).

  • IdeaVim - Vim emulation plug-in for IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform. IdeaVim supports many Vim features including normal/insert/visual modes, motion keys, deletion/changing, marks and others.

  • Dash - A smart and simple plugin that provides keyboard shortcut access for Dash, Velocity or Zeal in IntelliJ IDEA

And enjoy watching!